Gain Local Business

Are you a local business that wants to get noticed in the search engines, Google, Bing etc.? Then local SEO is important to you.

Mobile phone usage is increasing, making local SEO even more important than before as people looking for local businesses often tend to search on their phones whilst on the go.

Is your website mobile friendly? Do you even have a website?

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices it’s likely to be penalised or discarded from mobile search results altogether, to target local businesses it’s crucial your website is mobile friendly.

I offer special discounted rates for rebuilding (and refreshing/modernising at the same time) existing websites, as well as very competitive prices for new websites.

Have you registered with ‘Google My Business’?

One in three searches on mobile is related to a location. Google My Business (previously known as Google Places) focuses on delivering localised results to these users. People want to get in touch with you easily, Google My Business is therefore a must to boost your visibility.

Any business can easily set up a Google My Business account, but I also offer my services in helping set this up for anyone who requires a helping hand.

For advice on gaining local business, or for a website quote, please call 07793 323749 or complete the enquiry form by following this link.

Gain Local Business

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